YouTube is now prepared to pay creators of YouTube Short Videos

It now appears that YouTube is finally ready to share the revenue with YouTube Shorts creators, but in terms of revenue, it is slightly different from the mainstream monetization plan. ​​​

The company hasn’t officially announced it yet, but it will be creating it next week, and the best part is that it will support creators and prove itself to be better than TikTok. It also happened 18 months after launch.

Monetizing short videos on YouTube

According to The New York Times, YouTube will add more ads to the YouTube Shorts section in every region it has tested so far.

With this, the company offers monetization features similar to those that already exist, but they will differ in terms of criteria and revenue cutoff percentages.

Currently, there are no details on the criteria for users to qualify for this monetization program, but YouTube still has the same requirements for activating monetization on a channel, which requires 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

But there are reports that this will be different from the above, as getting watch time and subscribers from short videos are very different from getting regular videos.

In terms of revenue share, the company may give 45% of ad revenue to short-form video creators, which is 10% lower than the 55% ad revenue share plan for YouTube videos.

While YouTube has always supported creators, 45% is still better than nothing on TikTok, even by creating more quality content or having a massive following.

Additionally, the company is expected to make an official announcement on Tuesday, September 20.

Also, YouTube is testing some new ad formats, including five ads at a time.

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