Udemy is offering free-paid Arabic and English courses for a limited time

If you’d like to download Udemy courses for free, we’ll provide you with an updated list of paid Udemy courses for free.

Udemy is an online learning platform for adults, unlike platforms that offer traditional courses. The Udemy platform is interested in many things, including programming, translation, drawing, monetizing the internet, and creativity in general.

In our list, you will find the best Arabic and English Udemy courses for free.

As we said, this list is updatable, and the paid Udemy courses offered on the list are free for a limited time, depending on the coupon used, so if you find any that are not free, please know that their free coupon has expired.

But don’t worry, we regularly update our list and bring you paid Udemy courses for free, so save this page with you and visit it regularly.

Last update: September 15, 2022

89 courses on Udemy are free

  1. Writing Grants Applications For Nonprofit Organizations
  2. How To Get Substantial Seed Funding For Your Startup (Pitch)
  3. YouTube Podcast Marketing For Natural Health Practitioners
  4. Launch Your Live Show!
  5. The Thoughtful Slowdown
  6. Employee Attrition Prediction in Apache Spark (ML) Project
  7. Socio-Political Philosophy- An Introduction
  8. Online Course Creation and Marketing Success – 2022 [Guide]
  9. YouTube Marketing, YouTube Ranking & Adobe Premier Pro Guide
  10. Creating Video Lessons with Online Video Maker InVideo
  11. Colossians – 4 Life Lessons – For Effective Transformation!
  12. Altcoins – Investing In Altcoins & ICOs!
  13. Arabic Language Course For Beginners
  14. Fundamentos da Criptografia, Esteganografia e Criptoanálise
  15. 2 Thessalonians – Summary & Life Lessons For Todays Living
  16. Scrum Certification 2022 +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training
  17. Become a Six-Figure SEO Freelancer & Start Getting Clients
  18. Networking for Real Estate Investors For Profits & Funds
  19. Start A Successful Business: Best Questions
  20. How Churches & NGO/Charity Can Generate More Income Streams
  21. eCommerce Marketing Course (2022 Grand Edition)
  22. Dare to Lead: How to Become a Next Generation Leader
  23. Corp Finance #10 Cost of Capital–Debt & Equity Financing
  24. Mapeamento de Processos + 2 Cursos Extras
  25. Corp. Finance #14 Financing-Commons Stock & Preferred Stock
  26. Fixed Income Securities: Become a Bond Analyst & Investor
  27. Erfolgreiches Podcasting & Podcast Hosting
  28. Corp Finance #17 Merger, Acquisition & Foreign Currency
  29. Project Finance Fundamentals | Infrastructure & Energy
  30. Introduction to Reverse Osmosis Desalination
  31. Corporate Finance #11 Capital Budgeting
  32. Arabic Language Course: Learn to Read Arabic, Write & Listen
  33. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Logo Design Tools: 2022 Edition
  34. RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2022 – Part 9
  35. Pursue Top 1% Career: Become The No. 1 Success Magnet
  36. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools For Job Seekers (2022)
  37. Digishock 3.0: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  38. Corporate Finance #2 Financial Ratios
  39. Job Cost QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop–Contractor
  40. Systeme Sales Funnels – Free Sales Funnels Tool Guide
  41. Space Render 2.0: Transform your podcast into videos in 2022
  42. eryx Masterclass for Data Analytics, ETL, and Reporting
  43. Build your Email List on Steroids using Killer Lead Magnets
  44. The Complete Tarot Card Reading Masterclass Fully Accredited
  45. الذكاء العاطفي للوالدين في التعامل مع الأطفال
  46. Affinity Publisher Guide – Affinity Publisher for Beginners
  47. Xamarin básico: Una introducción al SDK de Microsoft
  48. Artificial Intelligence in Video Creation: Supreme Edition
  49. Artificial Intelligence Presentation Creation (2022 Edition)
  50. Automate your Job-Search with LoopCV in 2022
  51. TIBCO Spotfire Development: Beginners To Advanced Course
  52. RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2022 – Part 10
  53. Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Course
  54. Online Branded TV Channel Creation (Neon Edition 2022)
  55. Event Management in 3D Virtual Worlds (2022 Grand Edition)
  56. A+ Core2 Practice Test
  57. Podcast Audience Growth – Networking with your Guests
  58. Artificial Intelligence in Web Design + Live Class
  59. Data Sonification using Two Tone- Convert your Data to Music
  60. Data Mesh – A Modern Decentralized Data Management Concept
  61. Moonbeam ile Akıllı Kontrat Geliştirme
  62. How to Write a Fitness Book
  63. Media Training for Financial Service Professionals
  64. Country Music – sad or glad?
  65. 3 John – Summary & Life Lessons For Todays Living
  66. When Personal Training Gets Personal
  67. Climate Change explained: Causes, consequences, and solutions
  68. Understanding HIPAA Compliance
  69. Pentaho for ETL & Data Integration Masterclass 2022 – PDI 9
  70. master layer farm management the business of millionaires
  71. Stress-free Effective Learning for Adults: Crush your goals!
  72. Learn PHP – For Beginners
  73. HTML & CSS – Certification Course for Beginners
  74. CSS & JavaScript – Certification Course for Beginners
  75. Learn MySQL – For Beginners
  76. Referral System – How To Create A Successful One!
  77. Learn jQuery – For Beginners
  78. Viral YouTube Marketing – Crash Course + Live Class
  79. Environment and Ethics: A Basic Course
  80. Learn Audio Studio: AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Tool (2022)
  81. Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK I) Certification Prep
  82. Becoming A Recruitment And Selection Specialist
  83. Kanban Metrics for Agile teams: Measure & Improve Flow
  84. Spotfire Interview Tech Questions Answered with Explanation
  85. Learn Bootstrap – For Beginners
  86. HVAC Ductwork Quantity Take off for Quantity Surveyors
  87. Learn CSS – For Beginners
  88. Introduction to Microservices
  89. The Complete Introduction to Online Course Creation

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