How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on an Android Device

Today, the majority of homes and workplaces have broadband internet access. A broadband connection provides dependable and quick connectivity and is suitable for most internet-based tasks. However, there are scenarios where you would want an internet connection on the go.

If you have an Android smartphone with an active data plan, you can connect your other devices to it to use its cellular plan to access the internet and use it as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Let us see how to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on an Android device.

Step 1: Configure Your Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You must first configure your Android phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot before using it as a mobile hotspot. The procedures needed to enable and set up a Wi-Fi hotspot may differ depending on the model of the Android device you’re using and the operating system it’s currently using.
On stock Android, follow these steps to enable and set up a Wi-Fi hotspot:
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering

  • Tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot and toggle the switch to use the Wi-Fi hotspot. 

  • Tap on “Hotspot password” to reveal your hotspot password. You can choose to stick with this password or create a new one. For the latter, enter a strong password and hit OK.
  • Turn on the hotspot again.

On OneUI:

  • Launch Settings
  • Head over to Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  • Turn on the switch for Mobile Hotspot.
  • Go back to Settings and select Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  • Tap on Mobile Hotspot and hit Configure.
  • Choose a security protocol and enter a new password under the Password field.
  • Hit Save.

On ColorOS:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Wi-Fi & Network.
  • Choose Mobile Hotspot & Tethering > Mobile Hotspot.
  • Toggle the Off switch to turn on the hotspot.
  • To change the hotspot password, under Mobile hotspot password, enter a strong password.
  • Hit OK.
  • Turn on the hotspot again.


  • Launch Settings
  • Select Portable hotspot.
  • Toggle on the Portable hotspot button.
  • Hit Set up Portable Hotspot to set up a password and other options.
  • Enter a strong and complex password in the Password field and hit the tick mark at the top.
  • Finally, re-enable the hotspot.

Step 2: Connect Devices to Your Mobile Hotspot

Your Android phone can now be used with other devices after you’ve configured and enabled a Wi-Fi hotspot on it.
Turn on the Wi-Fi on the device you want to use to connect to this Wi-Fi hotspot. To connect to your mobile hotspot’s WiFi, tap on it. Enter your hotspot password when prompted, then click “Connect/Join.”
As an alternative, open the hotspot settings on your Android phone and tap the QR code next to the hotspot name or password, or click on Share. You will then receive a QR code containing your hotspot’s username and password. Then, instead of manually entering the Wi-Fi password, you can connect to it by scanning this QR code with an iPhone or another Android device.
You can share your mobile hotspot connection with others using this practical trick without giving them the password.

You can use your phone as your personal hotspot to browse the internet, check your emails, and perform other tasks that call for an internet connection after successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot on your device.

Things You Must Know When Using a Mobile Hotspot


  1. Tethering on mobile devices makes use of metered cellular data. As a result, your service provider will charge you more if you exceed your data allotment. Therefore, it is recommended to only use a Wi-Fi hotspot when absolutely necessary. Additionally, keep in mind that using your mobile device as a Wi-Fi hotspot will cause it to lose battery life faster, so make sure to keep your phone charged when using it as a hotspot.
  2. Make sure you create a strong password for your Android before using it as a mobile hotspot. It should be secure and have a strong password to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. A hotspot should always be turned off when not in use. If you leave it on, it will keep utilizing the data and battery of your phone.
  4. Check how many devices are currently logged into your personal hotspot. The speed of the internet will decrease as more devices are connected. Try disconnecting some devices to see if that improves your speed.
  5. The performance of your hotspot may occasionally be subpar due to weak cellular signals. Try moving to a different location.

Easily Create a Mobile Hotspot with Your Android Smartphone

To use your phone’s data connection on other devices, use a mobile hotspot. We hope the above instructions will enable you to configure your Android smartphone as a mobile hotspot so you can use it to connect to other devices even when there isn’t a Wi-Fi network nearby.
You must use this feature carefully, because it may result in additional fees from your service provider. Keep your hotspot password safe and secure as well to prevent any unauthorized access.


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