How much can you make from AdSense? [A Real Case Study]

In this article, I’ll give you an idea of your AdSense earnings and the amount of traffic you need to make to earn $1,000 from AdSense.
You’ll learn more about… by the end of this article.
  1. What factors determine how much money you make from AdSense?
  2. How much traffic must you produce each month to make $1,000?
  3. A Few Tips To Boost Your AdSense Income
So without further due, let’s get started…

What Are the Factors Affecting Your Adsense Earnings?

Your income always varies, no matter how much traffic you drive each month.
With the same volume of traffic, it could be $100, $150, or even $300. (With 30,000 Page Views).
Here is why:
Considering the following factors:
  1. Geographical regions
  2. Ad Placement
  3. Ad Viewability & Size
  4. CPC & RPM
Your income will vary as long as these factors change.
Let’s talk about each of these separately.

Geographical regions

Let me ask you first: from where does the majority of your traffic come?
Is it America? Or India?
Whatever it is, if your traffic is from the US, you’ll always make good money.
You don’t trust me? Let’s contrast…

One of my AdSense monthly earning reports is shown in the image above.
Let’s look at this right now.
I received 22,320 page views from the US. This made me $242 estimated.
When I contrast it with India,
I drove 8,351 page views from India, and it made me $9.18 only.
Let’s do some math…
Indian traffic to the US is 2.67 times greater.
Consequently, the traffic ratio between the US and India is 2.67.
And if I consider ad clicks…
I got 601 ad clicks from the US and 366 ad clicks from India.
The click ratio between the US and India is 1.64.
Here are the earnings, for your review:
US/India earnings ratio is 26.36


My earnings would be no more than $25 if 22,320 page views and 601 ad clicks came from India.
The earnings ratio between the US and India is still 242/25, which equals 9.68.
This means that even if I receive the same amount of traffic and ad clicks from both countries, I will still make 9.68 times more money from the US than in India.  (This is not the fixed value. It may be more or less but always higher)
To find the nation that pays the most, you can compare any nation to the area in which you live.
A few high-paying CPC countries: –
  • US \sUK
  • Australia
  • Germany New Zealand
  • Spain

Ad Placement

Although a little challenging, it can boost your AdSense earnings.
“Ezoic,” which employs artificial intelligence to find the best places on your web page, is the best way to optimize for ad placement.
Your ad units will receive more impressions and clicks if you do this. Resulting in, an increase in earnings.
Note: To apply for EZOIC, you must have 20,000 monthly page views.
Here are a few of the best ad placements that can help you increase your earnings if you are not qualified for EZOIC.
  • Above the post or header ad placement
  • Sidebar
  • Within the content

Ad Viewability & SIZE

It is yet another important element that impacts AdSense’s revenue.
Unfortunately, the majority of you are unaware of it.
Let me first define it.
“Ad viewability means availability of ads within a visible area of a device.”
It is the measure of a valid ad impression.
I won’t go into details because I have already published an article on ad viewability.


CPC means “cost per click”
RPM means “Revenue per thousand impressions”
You earn more money if the CPC and RPM are higher.
The two main elements that have the greatest impact on your earnings are these two terms.
Using the following formula, you can determine RPM: Estimated revenue / total page views multiplied by 1000
OR (Approximate Earnings / Approximate Impressions)*1000
For example, if you make $1 from 100 page views, then your RPM would be equal to $10.
As another illustration, your RPM would be $3 if you made $60 with 20,000 impressions.
However, geographic location and ad quality affect both CPC and RPM.
You can see the Page RPM of the first three nations (the US, UK, and Canada) from the same screenshot above; it is $10, which, when compared to India’s Page RPM, is 9–10 times higher.

How Much Traffic do You Need To Earn $1000/Month?

You may have done a lot of searches for this term given that you are a blogger. Unfortunately, you were unable to locate the precise response to this query.
Not to worry! I’ll do my best to provide a potential response to this query.
Let’s get into detail…
AdSense is a contextual ad network program introduced by Google.
It allows web publishers or bloggers to monetize any kind of web content in order to generate passive income.
Let’s move on to the main subject now.
Earnings are based on the various factors I’ve covered above.
Your earnings will change as long as these factors do.
The only way you can get the idea is to fix these parameters and then calculate the traffic.
Let’s assume some values…
Country: US
Traffic:  We have to calculate = X
RPM: $5
Earnings potential: $1000
You can use this formula to know the RPM and your anticipated earnings.
RPM is calculated as (estimated earnings/page views)*1000.
Let’s enter the values:
5 = (1000/X)*1000
X = 1000000/5
X= Traffic = 200K
To earn $1,000, you must drive 200K visitors to this page.
But hold on
Your RPM might increase to $15 as you receive US traffic, but let’s keep it at $10.
RPM is $10.
If you substitute the new RPM value for the old RPM value, you get this.
X = 1000*1000/10
100K traffic = X.
In this instance, driving at least 100K monthly visitors is required to make $1000.
Only those who receive more than 90% of their traffic from the US are eligible.
What if 90% of your traffic comes from India?
As you are aware, India’s average page rate is between $1 and $3.

If you plug these numbers into a traffic calculation, it turns out that you need to drive between 333K and 1M people per month to make $1,000. (from India or tier 2 & 3 countries)

So, this could be a response to your query.

A Few Tips To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Your AdSense earnings cannot be increased by any magic formula.
As I’ve already stated, a number of factors affect earnings. These parameters are not entirely under your control, but some of them can be enhanced.
  • Utilize properly sized ad units to increase viewability.
  • To find the best ad placements, conduct A/B testing or experiments on AdSense. To obtain optimized placements, make use of outside services like EZOIC.
  • Use only a few ads. You’ll see lower-quality ads more frequently the more ads you place on a page.
  • Use the auto-ads in AdSense.
  • Your site has a Good user experience
  • Try to write something that has a good market value.


The best way to monetize your content is with AdSense, but it won’t make you rich. Because it requires a lot more traffic to make only $1000.
I hope your questions have been answered.
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