Change The Country Of Your Google AdSense Account

People frequently relocate to different countries. You might have been a student when you started your YouTube channel and AdSense account, and you may have since moved to the USA or another country. You now prefer to be paid outside of your country of residence. This is the reason you’re looking for a way to alter your AdSense country.

In this guide, I will share everything you need to know about changing the AdSense payment country so that you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Does AdSense permit changing the country of the AdSense account?

Yes, you can change the country of your AdSense account.

However, when you do that, you lose access to all the old payment history, so make sure you download the old data for bookkeeping purposes.

Also, according to the official Google AdSense help guide:

When you change your country, all payment history in your previous payment profile will be deleted. If you’d like to transfer any remaining earnings, we can only assist you if your new country is in the same Google contracting entity.

Many of you might be wondering: Isn’t it better to open a second AdSense account?

So, let’s go over some crucial information:

  1. Multiple AdSense accounts registered under the same name are not permitted.
  2. If you’ve created a new entity, you’re free to operate it and open an AdSense account under it.
  3. In order to open a new AdSense account, you can close your current one and use a different email address to apply. I don’t suggest taking this action.

To learn more about it, you can read the official guide on “Closing your AdSense account.”

How to change your AdSense country?

If you are prepared and have an understanding of the subtleties of changing the country for your AdSense account and are ready, follow the steps:

  1. visit this form (An updated link can be found on this page bottom)
  2. Select the appropriate reasons for the change of country when filling out the form (Make sure to take back your AdSense past payment data)
Note 1: The payment history will be erased if your AdSense country is changed. You will only be able to access the payments associated with your new country profile. Make sure to download any payment history records you want to keep. Any outstanding balance will, however, be paid out via your old country’s profile.

Note 2: When you next sign in to your AdSense account after changing your country, you’ll need to accept the new terms and conditions.

Make sure your AdSense payment isn’t suspended and that you’ve withdrawn your prior payment to your old country’s bank account.

Google AdSense provides all the resources needed for contemporary YouTubers and publishers to update and manage their accounts. Always check your AdSense account settings to update your payment profile. The steps listed above must be followed in order to change the country of your AdSense account.

If you’ve ever changed your AdSense country, please let me know. How did you find the experience? 

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